Welcome to Trondheim :)

Hello dear geographers! 🙂

Welcome to Norway and welcome to Trondheim! We hope you had a great day and already met some other geography students. Some of you took probably the tour up to Dragvoll and enlisted to a «Faddergruppe» (a buddy group). We are deeply sorry that we didn’t print any English versions of the program, and we want to try to make it up to you. So here is an English version of what is going to happen the next couple of days:

Tuesday (14.8.) Matrikulation; «Where is what?» at Dragvoll Campus; Group evening/get to know each other
Wednesday (15.8.) «mingling» at Dragvoll Campus (time to buy books); Group evening/get to know each other
Thursday (16.8.) Stand-up with Terje Sporsem and Dag Sørås (norwegian comedy) at «Samfundet» 4:00 pm (free/50 NOK – with/without «fadderbånd»)
Friday (17.8.) 9:15 am department meeting, at D2; 11:15 am GEOLF-meeting with free lunch; Harbor sightseeing with the possibility for BBQ at Munkholmen (depending on the weather) meet up at  3:30 pm at «Ravnkloa» (free for faddere (buddies) «fadderbarn» /150 NOK ordinary price)
Saturday (18.8.) Group activities (weather dependet)
Sunday (19.8.) NTNUI-day with the possibility to register a fotball (soccer) team (contact your buddy and/or Morten Lippestad)
Monday (20.8.) 6:00 pm Quiz at «Nattergalen» with prizes!
Tuesday (21.8.) Park/BBQ/Games (Group activitities)
Wednesday (22.8.) Bowling at «Dora 1» (after kl. 5:00 pm – only 25 NOK for faddere and fadderbarn (2 rounds), 115 NOK ordinary price)
Thursday (23.8.) Option: «Gatefæst» («alley party» in the city center); otherwise group activities such as paintball, Go-Kart, Nidaros Cathedral, Cinema, Museums etc.
Friday (24.8.) pre-party («Fellesvors») (all groups) afterwards costume party at «Samfundet» (topic: Military)
Saturday (25.8.) Traditional GEOLF-party at «Lian lake» (free lunch); For more information join the GEOLF-info meeting on Friday 17th and ask your «buddy»
Sunday (26.8.) Fadder Gala at «Samfundet» 7:00 pm

If you have any questions concerning the buddy week, please don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail and/or get in contact with your buddy!

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