EGEA-kalender vår 2018/Egea-calendar spring 2018

Program for Egea Trondheim spring 2018:

19 – 23 of February:  Trondheim Winter Week

The Winter Week is our biggest event where 12 participants will be coming to experience the Norwegian winter in Trondheim. If you want to help organizing this event, please let us know!


In spring 2018
  • Egea Trondheim goes to Ljubljana
  • Egea Ljubljana visits Trondheim
  • Egea Trondheim goes to Jena
  • Egea Jena visits Trondheim






Anyone can register for congresses and more international events on the Egea official webpage You will find even more opportunities in the Egea calendar.

Those who contribute to our own events will be prioritized for exchanges and congresses.

For more information or questions, please contact us by email or via GEOLF on facebook.


Experience Geography, explore Europe!

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